• Pastor, Leadership and Ministry Developer, Pastoral Counselor

    Jeff A. McCord

  • Who Am I

    My personal vision is to cultivate



    joining God in a

    GOSPEL MOVEMENT locally and globally.

    My passion is the see the whole gospel of Jesus Christ impact the whole person. Soon after my conversion in 1996, the Lord laid a deep burden upon my heart to give my life over for the sake of serving His people. My story is one of redemption, of service, and of profound joy.


    Beth and I have been married since 1995. We have two children, Nathan and Libby. We currently live in Franklin, TN, continuing to serve and love well.

  • Education & Certifications

    Covenant Theological Seminary

    Masters of Divinity

    1998 - 2002

    University of Kansas

    B.A. Liberal Arts

    Relational, Organizational, and Public Communication

    1993 - 1997

    The Allender Center

    Lay Counseling Certificate

    2013 - 2014

    Couples Therapy Level 1 Training Certificate of Completion

    The Gottman Institute


    Nashville Conflict Resolution Center

    Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Listed Family Mediator


    Peacemaker Ministries

    Certified Christian Conciliator

    2007 - Present

    Gospel Coach


    Dallas Theological Seminary

    LEAD Pastoral Intensive




    2009 - Present

  • Experience

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    Southpointe Community Church

    Executive Pastor

    2017 - Present


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    Restoring Peace Ministries, Inc.

    Founding Director

    2007 - Present

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    Your Enneagram Coach

    CoFounder & Coach

    2016 - Present

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    Immanuel Nashville

    Executive Pastor

    2014 - 2015

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    Christ Church, PCA

    Pastor of Ministries

    2005 - 2013

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    Westhills Community Church

    Pastor of Discipleship

    2003 - 2005

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    National Leadership Foundation

    Saint Louis University, Campus Director

    1999 - 2002

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    The Navigators

    Edge Corps Intern

    1997 - 1999

  • Sermons & Projects

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    Sermon: Hope For The Guilty and Ashamed

    To live with desire is to choose vulnerability over self protection; to admit our desire and seek help beyond ourselves is even more vulnerable. It is an act of trust. In other words, those who know their desire and refuse to kill it, or refuse to act as though they don't need help, they are the ones who live by faith. This is where Christ meets us with more grace.

    Sermon: Fighting For Relational Intimacy

    Martin Luther said it this way "You know, if you seek to satisfy the law by living a better life then Christ is going to deny you. Rather despair of your own righteousness -- past, present, and to come. Trust boldly in Christ."

    Sermon: Free To Grow Together Part 1

    There are many circumstances that can lead us away from Christ and his church. Suffering, trauma, failure, sin. Our enemy would like to single us out and take us out of reach. Our loving Father is inviting us to experience these circumstances in the context of a gospel community. A community that having drawn near to Christ individually, seek to cultivate faith, hope and love corporately.

    Sermon: Free To Grow Together Part 2

    To the degree I experience the love of Jesus Christ I will engage in a life-changing gospel culture.

    Sermon: The Intent of a Gospel Culture

    Our life of prayer is directly correlated to what we believe about the person and work of Jesus Christ.

    Sermon: Gospel Fueled Prayer

    Project: Lay Counseling Training

    After attending the Gospel Coach training, I applied the principles to a new leadership development plan for Christ Church.

    Project: Men's Gospel Coach Training

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    Project: Cultivate Building Campaign

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    Project: Christ Church Vision Frame

  • References

    Dr. Bob Smart

    Lead Pastor, Christ Church PCA

    After investing in Jeff's life and ministry for over a decade and watching him transform in the chapters the Lord has written of him, I see the formation of a godly leader drawn to bring peace into the lives of leaders (in all areas) so that ministries and workplaces will become motivated by grace to reach clearer vision and higher levels of performance. Jeff is loyal and works well in a team environment that encourages honesty and clear vision.

    Travis Stewart

    Licensed Professional Counselor

    Jeff has my highest respect. I've known him since 1997 and in that time I've seen him consistently and intentionally grow both personally and professionally. He is a man of integrity, faithfulness, and creativity and he possesses the rare combination kindness and strength, tenderness and tenacity. I highly recommend him.

    Jon Bricker

    Teaching Elder, Charis Church

    Jeff has personally coached, counseled and mentored me in various ways over the last 7 years. There are few men in my life I trust as much as Jeff. I'm grateful for his ministry to me and the difference he has made in my own ministry.

    Matt Kuchers

    Campus & Community Director, Central Ohio, Athletes In Action/CRU

    Jeff was very helpful in sorting out a tremendous amount of confusion and hurt. Through a very patient, methodical, relational and thorough process, we were able to pull back the curtain on much of the misunderstanding that occurred.It is very likely that Jeff saved us years of confusion, hurt and potential bitterness. through Jeff's skill and expertise as a Conflict Coach and Mediator with Restoring Peace Ministries. Very grateful to have gone through this process.

    David Eland

    Senior Project Manager, Edgewood Fullscope

    Jeff is a dear friend, a wise and caring counselor. As a pastor, he is a spiritual heart surgeon with the courage, to begin with his own heart in full view of all, in order to show the beauty and power of God's grace and love toward sinners

    Dr. Andy Mitchel

    Professor of Chemistry, Illinois State University

    Jeff is a faithful pastor. Time and time again, he demonstrates sacrificial love in order to enable others to become spiritually healthy. Whether it is opening his home multiple times per week, listening to the painful stories of others, or speaking the truth boldly, Jeff expresses the love of God to those inside and outside of the church. He is gifted in the areas of preaching, teaching, discipleship, counseling, and general ministry organization. Finally, he is a Gospel-centered man of God whom I respect deeply.

    Matt Aiken

    Financial Analysis Senior Specialist, Cigna

    Jeff is an insightful leader who uses his deep knowledge of counseling and the Enneagram to help leaders understand their potential and partners with them to implement lasting changes in how to get work done. He is an organized, self-starter and can handle changing circumstances with grace. Most of all, he is a kind man with whom I greatly enjoy working.

    Duane Otto

    Founder & President of Ithaka Fellowship, Inc.

    Jeff listens unusually well and his insights, counsel, written work, remarks, and references to Scripture indicate a commitment to biblical conflict resolution and a gospel-centered understanding of heart-change.

    Kerry Franz

    Assistant Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church

    I have known Jeff for 5 years and have seen the evidence of his preparation, care, and implementation of solid conflict resolution. Jeff possesses rare gifts in his ability to listen, demonstrate concern, establish trust, and provide direct leadership to help individuals or groups in conflict find reasonable resolutions. When Jeff McCord enters into a crisis intervention situation, he brings the necessary resources to bring peace to troubled hearts.

    Mike Carithers

    Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Catalyst Construction

    Jeff has a heart for the ministry he serves and the people involved with that ministry. It was a pleasure working with him on their latest building project. Jeff was always available, always willing to make necessary decisions, understood the process, and was great to work with. I am looking forward to the next opportunity to work with him.